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  • A $250 non-refundable registration fee is required to participate in the delinquent tax sale. 
  • The deposit amount required is the sum of 25% of the amount due on all current certificates listed. 
  • A separate check is required for the registration fee and the deposit.  Payment must be in the form of cash, cashier’s check, or certified funds.  Checks should be made to Simpson County Clerk.

It is the responsibility of the Simpson County Sheriff’s office to collect property taxes for the State, the County, School Districts and sometimes, cities (if the Sheriff has contracted with each of these entities for this service).  In addition, almost every Sheriff’s office collects taxes for some other special taxing district or special function such as fire protection districts, libraries, etc.

Please be aware that in no way does the Sheriff’s office ever assess any value on property in the county.  If you feel your tax bill is incorrect, you should contact the Simpson County Property Valuation Administration at (270) 586-4261. This authority is responsible for all property valuation and tax assessment in Simpson County.

To learn more about participating in the delinquent tax sales hosted around the state please visit the Kentucky Department of Revenue website.

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